The List Management Difference

...fresh, new sales opportunities...

At Direct Communications, we're dedicated to innovation, to getting to know the client better, and to high standards of performance every day. We don't stop at advertising to brokers to rent your list. We go beyond Standard Operating Procedures with unique marketing techniques for a personal and informed sales approach aimed directly at the mail marketers who are making the list selection decisions.

We never "warehouse" a list. We make labor-intensive investigations into unexplored vertical and secondary markets to create fresh, new sales opportunities for our management clients.

We work on a standard commission of the rental sales we produce, and we provide a wide variety of time- and money-saving services for you.

  • Advertise your list to brokers, carefully selected mailers and prospects who regularly promote by mail.

  • Secure space for your list in respected trade publications read extensively by mailers.

  • Monitor your list to prevent its unauthorized use through both our own decoy names, an independent monitoring service and, of course, your own decoy names.

  • Schedule and reserve mailing dates with exactitude to ensure a maximum response to each authorized mailer and to make certain there are no conflicts with your own use of your list.

  • Clear each order in advance and forward a sample mailing piece for each rental order, ensuring that no processing is undertaken without your prior approval.

  • Coordinate with brokers, mailers, and our computer fulfillment department (or your chosen supplier) to make sure each order is properly filled and shipped on schedule.

  • Provide you with a monthly Rental Status Report detailing each rental order for your list, the name of the mailer, the quantity of the names used, the amount charged, date of invoice and date collected.

  • Give you expert recommendations on list segmentation and pricing, as well as estimates of net rental income for budgeting purposes.

We invoice each rental order on your behalf and remit, less commission, upon collection from the mailer. Specific billing terms and policies are always left to your discretion. We never forget that it's your list, and that we're working for you.

But the most important service we provide as list managers is results. And results, afterall, speak for themselves.

The Direct Communications list management difference has resulted in returns of $2.50 to $3.00 per name, per year, net of all expenses to our publisher and fund-raiser list owners -- well above the level commonly achieved. We've led the way in market research, making fundraiser-to- magazine-to-catalog and magazine-to-fundraiser-to-catalog connections a forté.

Full-time, professional list management at Direct Communications doesn't cost -- it pays. And it not only opens up new sources of revenue, but new avenues of cooperative promotion with other organizations as well.

If you'd like to know how we can produce results in the form of increased revenue... revenue that can make a significant difference to your organization... contact us now. We'll be in touch right away to offer the most responsive service in the response business.

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